i always name a poem AFTER i write it (except this one)

this poem is cursed and is a curse

my pants
smell weird
itching inside
feel ugly
feel stupid
sad grumpy
ok boss i say
ok boss i’ll go
ok ok ok
this way/that way
i will shuffle along for you, boss (ok)

smells weird again
need to relax
what in huck-damned the heck is that
lets go to another room

this room is
quite frankly,
chic, y’know it
oozes a certain..

how you say,

class. incredibly
rich, kind of
visceral, a piece as
vicious as it is
ok what shall we do
what shall we get up to
what what what
come on come on come on
no you choose firtz
ok lets go

🎵itchy finger itchy palm
awkward places
to have itched

itchy finger itchy palm
the itch is deep
the itch is deep

itchy finger itchy palm
where-abouts unknown of d’itch/i’said-them where-abouts unknown
where-abouts un-known of d’itch/i’said-them where-abouts unknown

it’s the itchy kids! yeah, the itchy kids!
it’s the end of the song!
n’ we hate school!
n’ we’re the itchy kids! well it’s the itchy kids!
n we’re gonna attack you!
n we hate you!!!
gonna slap you and attack you and scratch you
gonna break the skin, gonna flay you
we’re the itchy kids/we’re gona wear you!🎵


just another dmembo throwdown

Enrichetta Adelaide di Savoia e Ferdinando di Baviera

may leventh
turns out heaven’s password locked
with passport forms to wade through
sign through/
checks and block capitals
chuckin blocks chuck a right
block a chup capital, hop on
a truck stat, punto/floor it

i’m taking my time inside
stewing uncompromised/
authentic broth that i have at,
n it just happens to be that
i am experiencing high levels of turbulence

a routine series
with winning smiles and
dashing grins and sparkly teeth
the product gleaming
the money shot
fingers on buzzers for the slow motion replay
the first of three the
photo finish / the table tilt
the cop out/
the macintyre
and on henman hill the nation shakes
their fists in celebration
with my finger at the buzzer for the slow motion replay
as hemnay shakes they ip-shnay at them federers
and proud sue barkers’ legion sons storm
the castle freeing super barker
timeless, humble


what i got, ok
gonna hit you with some maths

90, 90, 90!!!!

85% watch out

8+4, quick!

lookin at 89%/we’re in the red now

lets keep it up
8+whatever you want, lets go
lets keep it moving

7 7 7 where do you live

so how are you feeling after your maths workou-
ok 91% now lets keep it up
how many “1s”am i holding up
or spot the difference or colour stuff in
how many.
how many,

times up everyone hand in your accrued maths tokens
ok we got some nice tokens here

mmm, yeah
real nice tokens up here

wait a second what is THIS?!

there is a high concentration of activity in this token
with high levels of energy
but it’s chaotic and reckless and selfish
often directionless
without motivation