eggs breakfast revisited (briefly)

makes sense for me to come back sayin
senses sniff and wiff and call it

a finite wax/a session shoehorned
as and when or in between or
when you can but not for long

for i’m to make a hasty breakfast as
hastily made as it is hearty and
i’m in a hurry so


fully clothed n goin strong (lyrical littluns)

you’ve done something naughty and you get told off
but you. will learn. your lesson.
tones approach you
very threatening tones
assertive and coarse
rigid and stern
grey and strong and strict
and you’re gettin hosed down by ice-cold discipline tone water
hosed down in the corner and they keep hosin you down
blastin your bare skin now, strict water
and you’re rollin around, in the corner
learnin your lesson being hosed ever closer
to the depths of the corner by tones hosing

all of my eggs falling out of
all of my baskets but people are nice
and people help me
and they mop up my eggs and salvage a few
they cook me ‘eggs breakfast’ and i say UNTO THEM
sorry i am late for work (no really i can’t)

italic brackets as in
brackets in italic
cheeky brackets thinking they can get away with it
but people like me notice
n people like me reckon it’s the romans what did it

oh i’m gonna cook you ‘eggs breakfast’
‘eggs breakfast’ yes ‘eggs breakfast’ but
you’ve got to pay me this time seriously
yeah, that is why i’ve been ‘acting weird’ lately.
(muffled riposte)
yeah well you don’t get to decide about what eggs!
yeah exactly!

pub names:
the cream john
the earl scott
the buck mariner

classic henry! look! it’s classic! fucking! henry!
oh my god here he comes!
hey classic henry! you got any mad beats and/or rhymes for us?
any insights, henry?
sage wisdom essentially, henry.

“it’s the magic classic henry, who-da-thunk-it?

the classic whodunnit in which henry is the murderer
first on the scene investigating
digesting the evidence, classic henry
mister magic classic henry

oozes class, oozes.. how you say.. confidence..
and classic henry drives a rebok
and the future rebok classics
are cars too, classic henry argues
classic cars at that, with special gadgets

pierce brosman as hugh grant as classic henry (from the future)
now that is SO classic henry”

merry christmas!
no, you good christmas!