slow dance

loneliness seeps through thin walls n
you probably don’t care to mention it, instead
you act weird for a bit until i remind you
i’m human
give a shit


sicknote (signed)

figure i don’t gotta address it but i’ll give it a go/
even though probably no-
one noticed

my leave of absence /my
sabbatical or something

and it was alright and i did write but
it did feel like a break and i do feel

and if i also could address/discuss
how hard it is for me to
drill habits into me, especially
ones that i know i need

but i’m often thinkin bout my form,
where to go next/when to tell
the next story/when to vent,
and how. and now
there’s less doubt at least
for the time being


i was very grumpily spinning pwems that night. this is one of them

I’m nowhere near as good as you I’m
nowhere near as clever or
At least I do not think I am and
never hear the end of it

from me/this doubt perpetuates
itself I sit back down

quietly evaluate i
self defeat i deprecate

critique/retreat I’m beat I’m beat
and out of juice and I conclude that

I was never special

and I rinse and I repeat/it
gets me nowhere backwards fast

a trip to the phone shop

sneezin loads n backpains back/got a
cool new phone and a sweet new deal but
lemme tell you bout

today in the phone shop

and the dead eyed crusty man
dead pan character scrollin about on his mouse, he’s
pally as he can be, to me at this point

pointin clicks he smirks and tells me
that I can get much more for my money
or in this case more for more money

and he remarks at how little data I was using before

I’d like to believe we were both in on it but I’m

probably just
another casualty

of company protocol, got upsold and he told me

tell your friends about our internet package
25 per month or something or other and
I asked if it was fast and he said
“yeah it’s very strong”

when ill: on cooking

I cough lots and this is just a recap
a catch up n chicken curry didn’t clog me
chicken tandoori with flavours what floored me
got taught it once/it’s an overnight ting n when it comes to cooking
I’m not

as previously established i’m a one pot
slow fry, cauldron /whisk
asterisk I use other pots to boil usually
and a grill or an oven sometimes but yeah other than that
I stay on brand and use the same wok what I ‘fand
when walkin to my house, went back the long way
and yeah maybe I’ll try rememberin how to make that cu-ray