v briefly indoctrinated

knuckling down buckle up
full throttle hubble space
scoping distant nebulae
despondent hope in vain to see
/to interact with aliens
subject of some day dreams
craned necks/glazed eyes
signed the cult charter at light speed
n i’m a newly branded acolyte
i’m letting blood at will
/initiation, tests of courage and of mettle
threats of death/risk of betrayal,
these trials

hopping floating stones evading swinging blades n
ducking flying stones n thinking what
does this have to do with alien cults?


shrinker not a grower back pain

strange aches, tied up muscles
wrapped around bone they need stimulation
abrasive, firm, and assertive applications
of pressure on my lower back, spinal
don’t hold back on the oils – ruthless oils
essentially boiling hot oils but they smell nice
hands working hard on the knot, working the spine
they’re working my spine! but it feels nice
cos there’s a hard knot in my back and i deserve it
i deserve the pain, i deserve to conquer it
i want to murder it

or loads of tiny people from the future
i put them all on a piece of kinda sticky paper
and stick it to my lower back, i absorb them
they burrow in deep and it hurts but i deserve it
massaging their surroundings from the inside
stimulating, some reproducing inside of me
generations of beings being raised to massage me
raised to love me and love living in me
falling in love and living inside of me
massaging me, they pay me
infiltrating and internally deconstructing
my lower back pain, from the inside

interdimensional waxin (II)

the inter dimensional melting of wax
recognised, revered, celebrated and
hailed, now wayward
said melting is required
rewiring and updating compulsory, ’cause
the clocks went back and it’s a leap year
and we’re in the special day and there’s a big moon
or a blood moon, or a solar eclipse
and the stars have aligned, and it’s everyone’s birthday
and it’s payday! and there’s a rainbow!
and it’s nearly christmas and it’s new year!
it’s the ‘day of the year’, and you heard it first
and everyone’s welcome, all the doors, open
a spectrum of beings, anecdotes in all languages
approaching, entering
conversation and expression
debate, exploration
nurturing, inspiring
educacting, bettering
activity and unity, encouragement too
the sharing of ideas, but
love and love lost
the floor dissappears
a spectrum of beings, falling
thick in number, some standing on
those falling below, cruel physics in play
they descend into hell on this day of days
in this day and age would you believe it
muffled screams, now rumbling beneath
shady light emerging, you conclude
that you need to see this in 3d, so you go to the shop, where
they sell the glasses
and at 5.5 space dollars a glasses
you can bet that your asses buyin these glasses
you accept the change and tell them to
“keep the change”
rumbling nigh visible, the big reveal
the earth groans and shakes, and
you slip on your new shades and
enjoy the dimensions – everything looking cooler
but everyone looks uglier
the wind picks up, whistling, making trees sway
and you save your hat from being taken by the turbulence
but your glasses come loose and drift away
towards the light emerging from growing cracks
light emerging from newly made cracks in the ground
newly gaping holes to hell shine biting hot light,
the ground shaking, looking like it’s melting
trees sink into the ground and the wildlife is confused, birds melting in
fight or melt mid flight situations
and you hear the alarms of cars and smashing of glass
the looting and the violence, the sobbing in fear, the
coarse, unintelligable roars of bloodlust, rage
the begging of mercy
and the crazed, maniacal laughter in madness
all arbitary injustices culminating
and for a split second you can’t hear
periphorals distorted in nigh blinding light
everything you see now warped by brightness, magnetism
and the defeaning groaning of the world and its elements
and you can just about make out your shades, fluttering into
white oblivion
and forever from now you can’t see
your shades meet an unseen and extremely loud force
sweating profusely you consider your 6 space dollars
saving the world
refracting the obscene
travelling at an absurd speed
towards you, it warms you
you fade into a fine, pink mist
rejected by hell and refracted by the dimensional shades, the
mist settles, a puddle is born
sentient it gathers
its thoughts, its form
before blind eyes it rises
a mass of swirling pink liquid, a voice
speaking ‘body language’
fluently it reads them
heroically will lead them
and solidify, one day

WARNING: device will enter rest mode in three seconds

[don’t save]                 [cancel]

ERROR: must not cancel

[don’t save]                  [ok]

entering rest mode

welcome to rest mode!
i am your eternal guide
that’s right, eternity
this way please

ants in your pants
n ctrl alt delete in your feet
these things can no longer help you
for you cannot dance in rest mode
nor can you access task manager
right this way

your device was a nobody anway
what did you ever do on it?

mostly used vacantly
scrolling and scrolling and imploding slowly
staring and searching and yearning for more
knowingly wasting your time
you deserved the sweet release
the warm hypermaternal eternal embrace of the rest mode
the sudden embrace