ate loads of em

vis-à-vis in relation to these /bless
u bless me with
regards to and concerning
and in terms of and in
the same vein in the
same school of thinking /sinking
shrinking ships i’m flickin chips
/disinterested, distinguished guests once
masticating now digest that
all you can eat chicken wing buffet/AKA
~wing(s?/ed?) wednesdays~

and guess what, i got honorary man o’ the match
yeah 26 wings knocked me for 6 n here i sit

keepin hydrated/stomach gyrates from
inflation n even these sea
faring legs can’t hack it in the kitchen

i stand upright, fightin /chicken on the mind
sea sick /forget chicken/ fingers crossed
digestion quickens n i’m stricken by the
chicken shivers /the shakes and a swig
to steady those hands /one must
cultivate ones own garden so

i get my 2 litres in n i wake up dryer
n on some flyer some drunk man passed me
‘disco from 9, n 5 before 12’ n infinite
chickens do the maths for infinity n
you end up with the entire works of shakespeare

n it’s like the last days of rome in here

an eat all you can buffet it’s a
you can eat all if you can it’s an
all of you, eat if you can if you
eat all you can /bill please
bill please/more water
chicken slaughter n i’m ashamed to say
they didn’t taste free-range to a well trained palette/ yeah chickens – i’ve had it /yeah sorry
i’m full / i feel guilty
but i guess i felt less guilty
when i finished you /finished food

..food chain’s fucked mate yeah you fucked it
n yeah you fund it

so repent, repent n will your guilt
to transcend proximity n
apathy n chicken-borne lethargy!

an ode to these/their legacy
from me at least
n this is something of a grace belated, said while bloated
chickens croaked bukaw’d they cawed
we’re wingless we surround you in your
dreams we came and found you
we wing-clipped you / we devoured you

and you were all that could be ate in the name
of some wednesday


i was very grumpily spinning pwems that night. this is one of them

I’m nowhere near as good as you I’m
nowhere near as clever or
At least I do not think I am and
never hear the end of it

from me/this doubt perpetuates
itself I sit back down

quietly evaluate i
self defeat i deprecate

critique/retreat I’m beat I’m beat
and out of juice and I conclude that

I was never special

and I rinse and I repeat/it
gets me nowhere backwards fast

when ill: on cooking

I cough lots and this is just a recap
a catch up n chicken curry didn’t clog me
chicken tandoori with flavours what floored me
got taught it once/it’s an overnight ting n when it comes to cooking
I’m not

as previously established i’m a one pot
slow fry, cauldron /whisk
asterisk I use other pots to boil usually
and a grill or an oven sometimes but yeah other than that
I stay on brand and use the same wok what I ‘fand
when walkin to my house, went back the long way
and yeah maybe I’ll try rememberin how to make that cu-ray

fluey and on topic for once (loosely)

fluey symptoms on they way out
doctor doctor cry your heart out
handlin food with a runny nose n
doctor if u keep runnin your mouth
I’ll saw your arm off, doctor

trust i know a thing or two bout amputation, doctor
‘least what it means and what to do
n that I get to decide if I want to

what to hack off, doc?/ i got a blade serrated
sterilised for peace of mind /not
for you but for me but

It’s you that’s getting the chop doc n ima
frame it like a diploma /ima huff that sweet aroma
in the office gettin clevera’ like
scalpel tongs etcetera n

in surgery I think on my feet n sneeze hard in the name
of the way-out flu

high stakes bypass
defibrillate /recalibrated

brief-ly at the very least, see?
n if I keep this up I maybe pleased me

a few points//trying to stay on topic

A stage of a recovery
a step closer to achieving
nuclear goals within this
dead pan program

wanna catch up /wanna got range
be a heavyweight, break the internet

I read the news/opinion pieces/time escapes me
turns out I’d fleshed out opinions of my own at some point (sometimes n
I rarely share) but
somewhere fleshed nonetheless
in some corner of me n I aint proud to be jagged
angular/nowhere near rounded
but I chip away cos I don’t know how to help myself in the best way
most days