edward hopper early sunday morning

i’m lonely’s the problem
occupied but not quite motivated or
fulfilled and i’m lonely’s the backdrop

annoyingly i still miss your face
and i’m not sure if you’re entirely the reason but
more-or-less every day i think of you and miss you

i’m right it’s that i’m
lonely’s the problem
and i set myself up to get let down and i’m miserable,
useless, bad company, ugly
unremarkable, unmistakably
critically lonely


i wish things were that simple

thats the person i[d be with u that’s
the persons we’d b together i miss u  nd
long for u always for years n u know it

one day but i’m not
holdin my breath

when the f- (old draft that is qw8 nice)

you shared with me the
phallocentric connotations of the so called
ivory tower

it’s lonely up there too i notice
and i agree i think i’d rather it be
something more decentralised i
wanna be a node in a network

&sadly it’s so easy for me
to want more and more to be wanted
and feel less and less appreciated and feel
more and more forgotten
isolation / i could keep the tower
provided i found safety in the welcome
arms of another

&everywhere’s a bubble really
if you ask around

if you, like me
dream intermittently
n rarely intensely
u mostly dream vague dreams
n when ppl recount dreams
u sit there all quietly n
shy for no reason really but
maybe u take it personally

you think it’s cos they’re cleverer or
more creative, “tapped in” further
woke-er / funny dreams qua-lity jokers
but you never dwell y’know: never dwell on it!

n it sounds like effort and it is but listen
dream journals make a world of difference
because as if by magic with dreams on the mind you’ll
find yourself recalling more every time
or dreaming more – whichever way you want to put it

anyway trust me it works! also you can end up lucid dreaming but that shit is for HIPPIES AND HIPPIES ONLY GET THAT SHIT OUTTA MY COUNTRY


don’t put in an open wound what you wouldn’t put in your eye but it
turns out u can
super-glue cuts shut

turns out peo-ple swear by it but
mostly swear by glues wot will not
irritate the lungs and eyes
and skin and stall the process
of healing humble cuts
glue wot gladly heals your humble
noble lowly cuts like
flesh wound/ shallow, breezy cuts like
mad enough cuts like if ur in america

u gotta pay bills if ur in america
stitches cost lots probs if ur in america

so pay bills or super-glue america    so like
america/ no i’m not american