(one of)te dmembest porm(s?) i ebver wrtoe

arrival of the prince
(pic unrelated) this is a brilliant picture and i want to share it tonight.




ye ol’ cap’n steamin’, dread
momentum/sense of relievement
i jumped around in joy
but made little noise because it was late
(was the excitement truly authentic) i digress

bustin’ caps in yo ass n
slammin quarters on the tay-bo!
roulette, all on black
more quarters into blackjack cos i said so
celebratory gambling is under control

it’s under control,

it’s under control!

it is gambling under control
it’s blackjack on a tangent n
I’m hanging out, i’m gambling.
waxing at the strip-poker table;

i wanna lose strip-poker, fast
i wanna be the most naked boy
i wanna ram my hands right through my pocks,
n tear my undies out and off from
under my trou’,
i wanna take my shoes and socks off

i’m gonna fuckin destroy you!
i’m gonna strip down n get flailin’
holding knives / throwin spin kicks
screaming in tongues and stabbing and slicing
weaving, jumping, spinning cleaves/hacking
screaming kicks and nasty stabs
running people through with your sword victorious

n thn i gna cash in dem sweet lil gamblin ass chips for some o dem sweet ass cookie ass quarters over there fkin cook-ass lil bitch muni-muni, PLAYA!!
we gawn’ chocolate chip cookiss!


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