talking to myself, but talking to myself ‘cool’

outta practice/in heat
this fleeting visit , where i
briefly touch on points we’ve seen
outlining key areas/
post-it notes with scrawlings
highlight flaws/critique grimacing, and
if i could segway into my final point(s)
surrounded by empty water bottles but
not a drop to drink but for enough to stop
my choke on toast in hope the bloat is brief

slicing my name in torsos
fame cementation through laceration
survivors strive for defamation
of a shape shifting name changing
clever clever boy

never seen meals like these never
heard or seen or thought to say
i thought you knew but i gave you too
much credit, and i’m sorry i’m stern
but sometimes helpful hurts
i digress

again my final point but for
a final pause to think to form
a paper publication.
deploring lack of action and of..
leaving marks that last on the world
and at half past 3 in the morning with
half arsed bars n segway wheels en masse
going opposite directions with enough momentum
making dustbowl tornados taking roofs off houses
scalping homes and killing people
a hypnotising birds-eye view
a potentially lethal peephole

“don’t go there, it’s windy there”
i’m gonna make a zine


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