i’m a sucker for a pretty face

no doubt you’re otherworldly
in good ways and bad ways alien to me
but ultimately, a kindred spirit.
so motivated with pretty brown eyes dreaming but
you’re grounded n i’m grateful ’cause
often you have grounded me and
often you’ve inspired me
(you really do)
and this is the second poem i’ve ever written about you

n you’ve got this air about you
and a menace and a mystery
and i don’t think we’re meant to be but
in each others company we can hold each other, still
through that intimate chemistry, between us inherently n
you still make me nervous but i can see that you care
and i appreciate that and i appreciate you

but i feel like a piece of rubbish/
once-flavoursome food-matter
now disposed of/done with, but kept at the side
and even if i surprise you and make you smile
nigh on every time/i make you want me
i’m still disposed of
un re usable n i’m your side-bitch
(i’m everybody’s side-bitch)


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