dumb as heck and late as heck wax (plural)


pray tell/gather round, rub shoulders
holding hands/trust exercises
i really like that colour on you

hovering n standing at the side
imposing height/remarks and insight in descent
condescending those who sit around you
throbbing necks craning up and at you
craning up and throbbing for you

lil spicy juice-ass bitch gna run back round
which way they gna come back round n thru, back
fleeting visit/gna roll on thru, stand in a line n hi five me
as i run past laughing/having fun, i ripple bellies
rap very little often, save for this safe haven where i sit and
steam the motherboard and agitate the circuitry
n bring it the f back round for dat lil juice-ass ho in the sky!
reeling/feeling nauseous but embracing
a steamy raunchy clammy brain formulating
snatching flies with my dexterous hunk-brain tongue
feeling bloated but hopeful/gna bring it back round

layers of dirt and dead skin, grease/grime
affected areas/blast zones/battle grounds
from graveyards to tombyards, workout routines
sales on steam, from zero to free,
this abandoned industrial complex
the white room holosimulator/astral projection
lava moats, tv tropes and rising temperatures
laser hallways or adventuring archaeologists
zipline escape, wrist blades/blasters for the hidden boss
break ranks/lay siege, sack the town
leave none alive
let the boy watch


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