fish man whale-rap

fathom these anecdotal fallacies, do me
a favour and savour me/dipping out and in between
darting to and fro and forth dispatching enemies
with quick neck clicks and judo chops in delicate spots
assailants flock and swarm, they’re swept away
by tidal sweeping strikes, glancing blows, limbs splashing
fighting water-style, foes distraught by liquid guile
cascading battle-glamour rap and oceanic gloom
whale wrangling, high speed fishing – look! no bubbles

and you can fuck like a shark
cos shits real underwater
miles down where we separate the fish men
from the boys who gotta swim back up n
they got no chance, chokin all the way up
to that liquid surface where daylight glistens through
where limbs and surfboards look like seals and
there’s something in the water tonight

i wanna drown you and eat you



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