english crispy batter, oily, rich and with more butter
with glistening, abundant oil and bubbling melted greasy cheese
all scraped, scooped, regarded and spread
over soggy, oily crustless bread,
add more spaghett in creamy sauce, then
batter then wrap it in
nondescript meats, then dip it on in in them
thick liquid cheeses, stuff it in pastries with
viscous meat matter, faux herbs/bottle sauces
smeared with oils and with more creamy sauces, then breaded
and fried, then squeezed into ball and
slapped and eaten

wax n wax plural to indigo blues
snoozing along to the melody, grumpily
on top form in liquid form through lyrics

real quick ode to chopin (to chopin)

become a nocturne bellowing
down rusty arid halls, soft hints
perseverance, steadfast fists clenched
hope enamoured, blind despair
mending silver linings, rising/setting suns, the
midst of romance, new beginnings, descents
and endings, tribulations
twists, ideas, emotion cascading
directed by one

indeed i crave that buttered toast
with melted cheese and jam

bullshit junkwords theraputic
churn em out get caught
wankin on the floor, the faults
not yours and you dip out, shamelessly

taking great pride in your array of sex moves/sex mix ups
mathematical angles, equations and formulae
helping you through thorough biology,
enjoy yourselves and be safe

i must deserve my melted cheese
toast buttered/jam spread-glazed across
far too late to venture down but i
deserve my melted cheese

so don’t judge me in the kitchen in
my long johns chomping when i do



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