(closed my eyes)/(will take me time)

i need grounding again, turn back

out of sync and losing myself
slipping these past weeks

distorted judgement staying true to sincerity
and doubting myself, surroundings doubting
me and i feel conscious, ashamed to have slipped
with a thick, luminous screen block, wedged
in tender places, it feels serious

afraid to touch it

crippled by genuine doubt absolute,
wavering and i’m
disappointed in myself for not
believing in myself it’s
disappointing to have lost belief
but these brief moments remembering how
i channel minds’ thoughts all the way down
and through, indeed, in form of these
proud pieces each, remember these
odes to belief albeit brief

to gain momentum; ’nuff to crash
and gleam through thickened hazing screens
to see, regard, and accept doubtless
walking proud and pondering at will
walking proud not slipping


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