people watching / people thinking


docile peep-all
civil chatter, twists and turns in
conversation,  glancing questions
stopping staff and more chat made.
while rapport manifests around me
and i feel overwhelmed by all these
humans all with agency, all
processing, they take on board all
that they say and what is said
decisions made, now new things said
and faces lighting up, all brains
are contemplating, stimulated
gratified, they’re vivified – i’m overwhelmed by chemistry
i ponder motivation, ponder what it is
that drives us all, to say what next
and what to do, what means to take
to ends if any, and indeed at every turn
i ask but why, i ask for what
and rightly so all answers vary
however, ever-stemming
back to things relatable

respect, accruement, recognition
sex and sex and self expression,
we yearn for substance in
relationships and to be loved
or to be seen, to be acknowledged

or loved ones often coming first
providers thrive with those they love
i ponder one who dies for one they’ve never met
i consider values trickling down
and ask myself if i envy the selfless

we’re greedy though. we live within
a culture of excess, we’re led by
jealousy through total human agency

and once again i’m overwhelmed by
chemistry in motion


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