4joey(3(/??)) S L U D G E L I F E

so fuckin hot but i wanna b hotter
searing ambition slowly descaling
while i turn the dial up to the highest setting
n my vision distorts and i begin to melt

happening at last. the need, no
the responsibility
no wait
the it’s my destiny
..to actualise my true, spirit form
the form i was born with, bathed in
but instead i wanted ppl to bathe in me
i want ppl to drink me,
i want to hydrate ppl
i wanna quench thirst, i
wanna melt all the way down
all the way down to liquid human
i wanna be that voice in the water
(human soup will do)

happening indeed, and from what i can see,
i’m a melting stump-pile of viscous sludgy slime
expanding at the base from gradual decline
steaming and smoking (by the way i am fine)
oh and some bits of me are on fire

it’s gross and i hate it but i’m well on my way
i wanna be a vast expanse of liquid one day
i want people to do laps in me
push themselves to the limit in me
break records in me and save lives in me
i want people to explore me
i want people to live off me
i want people to fucking drown in me

[cancel]                [check]             [try again]            [melt me]     (29)


i need to get to that command terminal!
at this point i can only really melt that way
or try to melt faster


it’s working! i can do this!
i’m gonna make it all the way!
i’m gonna wipe out coastal towns!
submerging non believers, i
will swallow masses whole
and they will fear my aching depths


i’m not even human porridge yet
with sweet banana chunks
and cinnamon in the morning
nay! i detest my form more than ever
i’m thick, throbbing, bubbling n steaming
sticky, stuck in muck form, melting and bitty
and chunky, bones too
and i-

[cancel]                [check]             [try again]            [melt me]     (3)

not like this..

the machine shuts down,
the red lights go off, now i’m
sat in this room and it’s getting colder.
and while i consider my form, it dawns on me..
that this IS me. at least for a while
and maybe someone will come and will fix
the machine but maybe they won’t.
or maybe i could get to a hospital and
they could try to put me back together but
i’m not even sure if that’s possible..
or probable considering i cannot move and
considering that i am in great pain.
i weep tears that i want to be
and watch in hope futile
as they fall onto my detestable form
and slowly slide off rejected

this is my life now


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