4joey(2(/?)) B A T H T I M E

to be bathe to be *bathen*
this brazen display, naked features
refracting underwater where i let it all hang out
bubbles n’ all.

and downstairs the ceiling drips, i feign
unawareness ’cause the stakes are too high
because this bath could save me..
n when i shower i just idly stand
for 15 or so minutes, so i may
as well just lie in this deepish warm water
for longer and longer, i’ve sunk beyond idleness
deep into vacancy, total abandonment
i am detached and wet
and wretched and
who says i can’t eat in my bath?!
i’m not like most! i
have no fear when in the bath
no, my wet fingers will never compromise
any of my goals while bathing
as i bite my soggy breaded chicken, i taste
its cajun bubbles in the bath
and look around in pride as
my rice floats and sinks around me
and we are slowly cooked together

i dread the day i leave this hallowed tub
the day my feet touch an old, cold
damp bathroom rug (2 days from retirement)
and i squelch onto a familiar slippery floor
and stare at my wrinkled naked body –
i’m a prune out the tub! n i drain it
clawing at my water as it slowly drains away –
don’t go dirty water! i’ll find a use for you yet
i’m getting colder so i dip my hands in
and memories come flooding back, then drained by reality
my warm sojourn, my peaceful place
of safety and of calming thoughts
of water chicken and bath rice
evacuates before my eyes
maelstroms are cool but never in this context


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