the triple threat-wax standard, the
first of many trilogies
identical wax triplets, of
a radically triangular school of thought
trained by one..

professor shucks-mandibles
sitting in his professor tower, at the very top
and it’s lonely at the top so shucks-
mandibles’z lookin for assistants
assistants to beat and berate in the morning
curse in the evening, shucks-mandibles’ll be professin’
incorrectly but they believed him all along n’
they’re misinformed, every day
assistants to help shucks-mandibles down the stairs to bed
elderly man professor shucks-mandibles

the assistant auditions shucks-mandibles..
“NEXT!” says the mandibles
a quick challenger approaches
it’s the football young man!
so good at football that he
does it on the street around the world
and parkour, too! parkour-football round
the world fusion – professor shucks-mandibles!
..detests the beautiful game, professor
argues game not so beautiful, but
“yo momma sure is”, argues the mandibles.
elderly charming the old man McShucks O’
deLaMandibles the professor, with the
burn of the century
“NEXT” insists mandibles!
ok who’s up next that’s right it’s
me! maths acolyte! yes, i am learning maths
i love maths so much! i want to learn more about it 🙂
maths is my thing but i’m not very good at it
but i’m expressing myself through numbers, and i
like the look of some of those graphs
but i’m a pie chart maths legend at heart
stop showing me your graphs old man
i do not need this job, “NEXT”
no, you “NEXT!”!!!
a challenger approaches!
doglike, slobbering, saying
“i love you master”
“i trust you”
“let me help you”
“feed me”
“what is that”
“let me help”
“let me eat that”
the dog that talks but only talks dog
“i wanna fuck you!” stop humping my leg!
the dog can stay, but i still need an assistant
“NEXT” ant super queen! the size of my head
throbbing with ants to be
throbbing with bigger super queens
“an ant army at my disposal..”
mandibles’z a’squirmin
biting hot ant-mandibles
shucks, my shins! my feet!
super soldier ants, born grown
attacking from
super mega ultra queens born and
throbbing with more babies!
worker ants working in symphony, en masse
making impenetrable, ever expanding and
intricate nests, and mandibles drag the professor
to his most cherished relic
of ancient times, the electric guillotine
n chewed-up shucks is in flight now
little fight left in him, while
super flying ants airlift shucks-mandibles
and place him in the guillotine position
and strap him in with their little ant fingers
and then they pull the massive lever
body convulsing, straps instantly broken
horizontal now, he’s in rigid squirm!
stern, violent shivering, deep into
the horizontal rigid squirm zone
professor o’mandibles..
shucks now it’s curtain call, blade in
descent, descending on a steaming head in spasm
ants said they heard a muffled scream
but i swear i didn’t hear nothin
cute ant ears heard mandibles scream
as that gleaming blade
barely broke its stride
and the professors head bounces upwards slightly
still convulsing and gaining momentum
spinning uncontrollably on a chaos axis
it crashes into the head basket
still furiously shaking it flies back out, n’ bounces
off some walls and maybe the ceiling, n’
a couple of lights and kills a few ants..
watch as they do away with his cheeks
cheeks are super ant babybel
to be consumed from the inside if possible
but any side will do
and these super giga ants is feeling mighty indulgent today.
and see his headless body still twitching on the floor
steaming and rhythmically gushing
ant fodder shucks mandibles
the legend Von mandibles
professor man shuckstables
who’s dog served as talking dog
of the ants, revered and decorated
hero of the ants wars
it was he who brought the technology to the ants
and eventual peace to the 100 year ant corporations war
the dog that talked but only talked dog

triplets on thin wax, warped and denting
triplets sinking, embracing and bathing
soaking and shrivelling and steaming and cleaning
clean as three whistles in perfect harmony


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