things that will happen

slippin this year lacklustre
neglecting myself in all ways
and falling asleep at every corner
in any angle and at any time, rejecting
conventions, reacting with naps
bad snacks, i eat stodge through the day
sleepily getting by during this time of year.
beginning as i do not mean to go on
but enjoying getting by, enjoying
going on as i am. for now i will continue to slip.
for it is too late in the night to make any real changes
and maybe i’m still in that liminal space at the end
of the year, like the wise girl told me, nothing counts
in this space because it’s like a video tape rewinding
and we’re there waiting to watch the sequel, and i’m sat/lying
in that hazy liminal space at the start of the year, reflecting
as one should, projecting as one does
that this year i will blossom and bloom
sharing twisted fruit of taste contentious, this year
i will love, nurture, and respect myself
and if in this liminal void – where our soundtrack
is but tape rewinding and our minds are nought but minds
reflecting – if in this void they asked me if
i wanted to fall in love, this year
my answer would be yes


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