££££ bedtime ££££


at the family slip-n-slide
families a’slippin and a’ families slidin
i look to either side of me, i see
my crew n we’ve come to do battle
yo lil’ C with the beatbox! you’re a FREAK, you hear me?
don’t ever come near me with that piece of shit beatbox
i lock creeps like you up in tiny bamboo cages for breakfast
brunch and dinner, i am the biggest sinner, lil’ C’s a FREAK and
i’m about to annihilate everyone here at
what you call
‘this here family slip-n-slide’  i’m
going to demolish them
i plan to crush them! ..this i plan on doing!
and to those who came today, there’s no
escape, and the stakes have never been higher
and will never be higher if you make the right choice n’
let me get at that slide
..i want to show you something

so you wanna shlip n’ shlide faster?
60% of a’shlip n a’shliders value speed over style! vote now!
so let me oil these slides with my precious oils from
around the world, that they may aid you o’ 60%
it’s a trap or buy my oils, what?
ok this slide looks very oily. glistening so shiny, who’s ready to
go faster than they’ve ever, ever gone before?!
what’s wrong? why the fuck not? you’d go so fast.. you’d
be going so fast, too fast to even know it was a trap or buy my oils
who wants to go that fast, first? you’d be going so fast, guys,
you’d be like “wooosh” and “phhhrrrr”. amazing!
well? what’s it gonna be? who’s gonna go that fast first!
sing it with me, WHO
anybody? WHO..
..o-k! yes, this family dog will slip!
how exciting! the family dog! this dog will do
last chance friends, trap
or oils lemme tell you
regarding selling them too you
i’ve got all-purpose oils for those classic ‘oil’ situations!
i’ve got flammable oils!
at less than reasonable prices, 
look how fast that family dog’s going!
glorious oily hair flowing in the wind! smells great!
like sexy dogs! what a great slide! i mean you went fast but
let’s just say you are the 40% master, you crazy dog!
oh.. what’s that? are my oils for sale?
yeah these oils are for sale! i never thought you’d ask
i’ll sell you 100 right now!
i love how you dogs have so much money all the time!
n thats whatcha get for a’shlippin ana’shlidin


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