a champ complex

outplayed and in pain, but i got this
after all, i’m the champ, plot armour clad
without me, where would this game be?
and how many people would be stood there watching?
without me, not many.
my legacy in the making, they came
to see me breaking bones, taking the belt home, the belt made me
..and enables me to make history

i take blow upon blow, glancing
strikes weather me down, and i fall to one knee
roaring masses singing me to sleep, my mind spins slowly
and the challenger emerges through the blurriness of things
shifting in stance and transferring weight
form perfect, i ponder my fate
and my plot armour, recast
a role re-written for a champ no more

i go off script and brace for impact
throwing up my arms in prayer,
i block an otherwise deadly attack
a familiar bell rings and i ponder the belt
roaring masses singing slowly, a soundtrack to my legacy
consuming me. i collapse onto a wooden stool
and familiar tones beckon for my comprehension
i choose instead to once again ponder

i just wanted to make everyone proud

along the way i became a celebrity
a projection of my projected legacy
crawling with plot armour, unrecognisable 
without this game, where would i be?

the bell rings again and i thank it
i have cast down plot armour and am lighter for it
and i listen to the roars of they who came
not just for me but for the love of the game

i lunge towards the challenger, my intentions are clear
my strike grazes a shoulder, and just as i had feared
an alien mass collides with my jaw
and i ponder years of ardent training, and a lifelong ambition colliding
with my jaw
my head seems to spin all the way round and then some, mouth now gaping open
slowly collapsing, mouth gushing, i choke and gaze upon my challenger
deserving in victory, actualising legacy
making them proud, the crowds welcome
a new champion, idly i lie
my title relinquished


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