shrinker not a grower back pain

strange aches, tied up muscles
wrapped around bone they need stimulation
abrasive, firm, and assertive applications
of pressure on my lower back, spinal
don’t hold back on the oils – ruthless oils
essentially boiling hot oils but they smell nice
hands working hard on the knot, working the spine
they’re working my spine! but it feels nice
cos there’s a hard knot in my back and i deserve it
i deserve the pain, i deserve to conquer it
i want to murder it

or loads of tiny people from the future
i put them all on a piece of kinda sticky paper
and stick it to my lower back, i absorb them
they burrow in deep and it hurts but i deserve it
massaging their surroundings from the inside
stimulating, some reproducing inside of me
generations of beings being raised to massage me
raised to love me and love living in me
falling in love and living inside of me
massaging me, they pay me
infiltrating and internally deconstructing
my lower back pain, from the inside


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