interdimensional waxin [I]

a thousand tiny judo chops, got
real roman real quick
waxin along to whats the name of that song
questioning myself,
second guessing myself
doubting doubts and theories alike
he drops the mic having not deserved it
it gets awkward and i bellow and weep, the
emperor cries, skyward DEVOUR HIM

it’s the emperors bidding
to eat him in one sitting

doubting myself, does he deserve it
the mic is on the floor, looks ashamed it’s
tarnished, not being touched
and just like that, ‘mike’ was gone
no wife no kids, no
family no nothin’
who was that guy?
a mic, dropped
and for what? nothin’ too.
a worthless, shrivelling
quivering anecdote
a dry anecdote that made us thirsty,
hungry, dry heaving dry vomit, the mic drops
the people they cry, the emperor decides
‘mike’ dies, and these two guys?
have to eat that guy!


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