fuego enterprises

this kids runnin around y’know like he just caught fire
he just caught fire, all these kids runnin around y’know
if they don’t careful it gon’ spret
gon’ be kids what catch’t fire
soon as these kids catch fire lemme tell you
soon as these kids catch fire it gon’ spret
s’gon spret all up on down that way too
an’ is’gon spret all over
s’gon spret all the way down to you too

josep chrites what the
all those kids around n’
scramblin’ n burnin’n
crawlin’ round, runnin’
gettin run

that’s right baby i pay these kids
these kids is workin for ME
that’s right baby ever day!
every day i pay on these kids to catch fire
why? cos i got ah
elope-on-yo-wife, mo-wives for me
be gropin’ em too
d’all old and shit
be gropin’ em gropin’ em
oh-d’leh mo-nopin’
do away with yo brains
i blame you
stay the fuck out of my lane
ima re-name you
re-make you then reject you
retweet yo dumb last words
unsubscribe n then refollow
un-rewritin’ the script of life, taking
unconventional trajectories at high momentum
impactin daily when you least expect ‘um
back to back collisions, consistent in accident
n you accident prone,
face riddled with funny bones n i got fists of fury
left with pink guacamole and it aint so tasty
not my fault but i salt ‘dat
bringing out your flavours, excusin’
my behaviour – i spread you on toast,
breads granary i consume you
and you taste like that cheap ass bitch guacamole
next time ima make a funny bone out of you
ima suck the fuckin blood outta you
ima cut you dumb shit burning ass kids


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